• Protected: Public Relations Blog #4

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  • Case Studies in PR – Blog #3

    “An IPhone being tested by an Apple employee goes missing.” A simple human error that could have happen to anyone and to any company, yet no strategies in place to handle effectively.  In the moment, I am sure that Apple felt as though they were doing the best possible thing, but the decision to keep… Continue Reading

  • Case Studies in PR – Blog #2

    Jamie Olive and “Pink Slime” This was a big one in our house.  The infamous infomercial by Jaime Oliver depicting how “pink slime” is processed.  This televised information definitely made us think twice about eating at McDonald’s.  Although we did not eat at McDonald’s often, we all did occasionally enjoy a Big Mac and my… Continue Reading

  • Case Studies In PR – Blog #1

    Every company has a reason for being, a specific mission, vision and values.  Combined, these statements become the image and the voice of the company.  The operation and the goals of the company stem from these statements and is their reason for being. Often employees choose to work with a company because they believe in… Continue Reading

  • When the Words Just Won’t Flow

    I’m not a writer, but I have to write they say! What does one do when they have nothing to say? When they have nothing worth writing today? The words have vanished and you wonder if they will come back some day? What does a real writer do to find their way? Do they put… Continue Reading

  • The Journey

    Finishing my BA has always been something that weighed heavy on my mind-sometime ago life took over and I had to put my education on hold.  I was presented the opportunity a few years ago to head back to school so I took the chance-it has been a whirlwind ever since.  With only a few… Continue Reading

  • The Return of the FABRIC DEFUZZER

    Nobody is as happy as I am at the return of the fabric defuzzer.  I had one when I was a kid and have been keeping my eye out for another ever since that one died many years ago. FINALLY, not too long ago, I am standing in line at Home Outfitters and low and… Continue Reading